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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 13, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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but now looking in to buster posey. one ball and two strikes on the round. [ cheering ] >> on the ground, arias from deep third, got him! >> wow. matt cain, and the san francisco giants were perfect tonight. baseball history was made at at&t park and we are there. good evening, i'm ken wayne, frank somerville is off tonight. >> i'm julie haener. a perfect game, it has never happened in giants franchise history, but it happened tonight, and it happened in front of a hometown crowd. matt cain pitched a gem, one for the ages against the
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houston astros. >> tonight's game was historic. it was epic really. mark ibanez is here with what it all means. >> even nonbaseball fans nervous in the newsroom. put it in perspective. the thousands and thousands of major league baseball games this is only the 22nd time it has happened, and never in giants history. that includes the time in new york. matt cain is the first ever to pitch a perfect game. 27 up, 27 down, and he just dominated the houston astros. by the way, they won 10-0. he also set a career high in strike outs. he was just clearly dominant. 14 strike outs, a career best for him. he just had the astros eating out of his hands. but in the 7th inning, a bit of trouble right here. jordan schafer blasts one to
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deep center field. blanco with a sensational catch. at that point, you had to figure fate was in matt cane's hands. he gives the touchdown sign, he's usually not that emotional. we go to the 9th inning, needing one more out. >> we can talk about the 6th inning and the 7th inning, those two unbelievable catches. that right there, that changes the whole thing. you know, obviously the defense behind me, and the guys able to get huge run support. able to go out there and pitch comfortably. i can't thank buster enough. i didn't question once what he was calling. he was going to throw whatever he wanted, and i was going to let him go. >> there was one other per effect game in bay area history. catfish hunter of the oakland a's, threw one back in 1968. we have our eric rasmussen out at at&t. i imagine it's a little hectic.
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there's been a lot of the excitement over the last few years at at&t. this is just another gem to talk about. eric, can you hear me all right? >> reporter: i can hear you mark. just incredible, the excitement. people are just now getting out of at&t park. the fans are streaming out. they're excited. we've been hearing chants of let's go giants, including this nice lady right here. as we just soak in this excitement, i know that giants fans would agree, it's no problem to see that final out again. so let's take a look at the final out if we could, we've put that video together for you. that was the ground out by jason castro of castro valley, no less. the player for the astros. they get the final out, matt cain with the perfect game. and now let's listen to a family we just talked to momentsing a excited about this win. >> perfect game. i mean wow. it was matt cain, what was it
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14 or 15, 16, 17? >> a lot of strike outs. >> it was great. >> were you guys biting your nails off at the end? >> yes we were. >> these guys were screaming. >> i would have been bummed if i missed this. >> you would have missed a part of history. >> now i'm a part of history. >> it was the greatest game. >> i screamed all the way down the hall, saying yes. >> back here live, you can see the party is just getting started. we're going to continue to talk to people about this perfect game, and bring you more later in this newscast. send it back to you. >> thank you very much eric. you know, usually when you win a game 10-0, it's a laugher, it's easy. nothing to get nervous about. this had people at the edge of their seats. nobody left the park at all until it was over and the giants have history tonight. matt cain, the perfect game. of course, we'll show you some
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of the offense too. they did score 10 runs after all, in sports a little later on. right now, julie and ken, giant fans have a lot to be happy about tonight. what do they say? never have any good news to talk about. got it tonight. >> in front of a hometown crowd. the picture of his wife, you don't know who is more nervous, his wife, us watching, or matt pitching. >> heart pounding all the way. we'll hear more from some of the other players. they made great defensive plays. like i say, there was a lot of offense too. >> a lot of good things, mark, thanks so much. charges are coming, and they're felony charges against the bicyclist who struck and killed someone in the castro. >> reporter: it's been two and a half months since the 71-year- old man was struck and killed in that crosswalk. now, we've learned a felony
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charge of vehicular manslaughter will be announced by the d.a. tomorrow. our sources say, 36-year-old chris bucchere will turn himself in. >> it could be a prison case. >> reporter: prison for as long as three years according to attorney anthony brass. brass won a plea deal for another cyclist who fatally struck a pedestrian. but the district attorney charged that as a misdemeanor, and the victim's family did not want the young man to serve time. >> at the scene, he stopped. he actually interacted with the husband. he saw the lady that he hit. he experienced it and felt it first hand. i think that's what made the difference. >> by comparison, bucchere kept going and later bragged about the crash.
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i couldn't see a line in the crowd, so i just laid it down in the least populated place i could find. the police investigation is showed to show bucchere speeding, and running red lights before the crash, which would also suggest a greater degree of recklessness to the d.a. and to a jury. >> i think juries in san francisco are going to look at bicyclists behavior very seriously. because they don't want to be killed by a bicyclist. >> reporter: the warning had been signed by a judge but not served as bucchere's surrender is being negotiated. we knocked on his door tonight, but no one answered, and his attorney has not returned our phone calls. live in san francisco. officials say they believe
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the three-alarm fire near cedar street was deliberately set. investigators say it appears the fire started in the apartment building carport around 12:30 this morning and then spread to two units above. everyone managed to get out unharmed, but one dog died in the fire. we now know the name of the teenager who was shot and killed in san jose last night. he was walking near an elementary school on elmsly avenue around 6:20 last night. police say the shooting appears to be gang related. no arrests have been made, the killing marks san jose's 19th homicide so far this year. the search for 15-year-old sierra lamar is once again ramping up. the reward for information leading to her whereabouts has increased from 25 to $35,000. about 70 searchers fanned out over santa clara county today,
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in hopes of finding the morgan hill girl. antolin garcia torrez has been charged with her murder even though a body hasn't been found. >> investigators have information from tipsters claiming that garcia-torres talked to people about lamar's disappearance. more searchers are planned for this weekend, and next week. san francisco general hospital is asking for help tonight in identifying a patient. the woman was identified last week after being hit by a car late friday night at vallejo street. she is described as an asian woman in her 70s, or 80s. 5'2", about 130 pounds with gray hair and brown eyes. so far, hospital officials have not been able to identify her. hundreds of nurses walked off the job today at 121 different bay area hospitals, angry over sutter hospital's proposed cuts to sick days and
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increases in healthcare costs. at the berkely campus, newers say they oppose sutter hospital's demands which they say would drastically change their current contract. >> the hospital is proposing about 100 takeaways that basically will eradicate the contract that we have worked the last 60 years to get. >> we are asking for real changes in their contract in terms of some benefit changes. there's no questions about that. that's being done throughout the country. firefighters, policemen, nurses aren't immune to that. >> each of the hospitals is dealing with their own specific contract issues. in solidarity, nurses at petaluma valley hospital also went on strike today. the striking nurses are now locked out until monday. this map shows the ten bay area hospitals locked out. two mills peninsula hospitals
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in burlingame and san mateo. this morphed into something rather than to protect the firm, created new, and larger risks. we've let a lot of people down and are sorry for it. >> he said his bank would likely try to recover pay from the executives responsible for the huge loss. j.p. morgan chase is the largest bank in the u.s. in terms of assets, and has been able to weather the financial loss fairly well. shares of san francisco's based zynga rebounded a bit after dropping more than 10% today. the creator of farmville has lost about $5 billion of its value in the past six months. one analyst said that facebook based gaming may have peaked. at the close today, it was over $5. it's initial public offering price in december was $10.
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the broader stock markets fell today as the european debt crisis appears to spread. the dow lost 77 points of a an up and down day. the nasdaq lost 4. greece is preparing for new elections on sunday, and now cypress says it may need a bail out. noel walker is live -- >> reporter: julie, soon it could be an application as in dot app. that's one of 2,000 domain names that applicants swapped down to get. some pioneers are getting ready to pack their covered wagon, and move to the wild, wild west. >> we're just running out of room. there's no more names. >> reporter: paul sloan has been writing about what's the
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virtual equivalent of urban sprawl. the internet equivilent of assigned names and numbers. it could include dot google, dot bank, and fashionistas may log onto a site that ends with dot fashion. confused? >> your eyes kind of glaze over a little bit. yeah. i had no idea there's this whole new thing coming on. >> reporter: you might need a gps, next time you get on the information superhighway. >> you almost always assume it's a dot-com. >> reporter: the powers that be are betting on our brains
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ability to adapt. >> people will get accustomed to seeing new dot ends. >> reporter: some of the more interesting dots were dot ketchup, dot lol. you won't start seeing these until next year, and they're going to trickle out little by little. this doesn't mean the dot-com is going by way of the 8 track tape, it just means we're going to have to start sorting through a lot more information. a pilot program uses tests like these to help stop [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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no, it's on me. i insist. no way. yes way. well let me chip in. [ male announcer ] send money from one bank account to another, with citibank popmoney. easier banking. every step of the way. it's a unique plan that partners those struggling with homelessness with four legged companions who are also looking for a home. david stevenson has the incentive behind san francisco's new program called woof. >> reporter: he had been living in a single room occupancy hotel for about five years before charlie came into his life, and lifted his depression. >> once i saw charlie, i fell in love. >> reporter: he was adopted from the animal care and control department. it is partnering with the city's homeless housing agency
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to launch woof. wonderful opportunities for occupants and fidos. it will pay as much as $300 a month to foster special needs pets. >> we have rowdy, adolescent dogs that need some boundaries. we have underage puppies that can't be made available for adoption until they're at least 8 weeks old. >> reporter: it aims to save animals and provide skills and supplemental income to people who may also be panhandling on the streets. >> part time employment that supplements an income. something they feel good about. >> reporter: the screening process excludes people with a history of violence, severe mental illness, or a current drug or alcohol addiction. >> this entire neighborhood has adopted him. it's been 100% positive. >> reporter: woof launches august 1, and is slated to run
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three months. if successful, city officials to have more funds for more. it looks like it will be up to berkely voters to decide whether to impose a ban to keep people from sitting on the sidewalk. after a long debate. they voted to have the city attorney draft a ballot measure for the november election. the measure up for consideration would ban sitting on city sidewalks from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. in commercial areas. continuing coverage now, pg and e defended itself today after it took nearly two hours to turn off the natural gas during a fire that damaged two buildings yesterday. investigators say a privately contracted welder punctured and ignited a one inch gas line on san bruno, avenue. pg and e says it took two hours to shut off the gas, because
11:49 pm
the valve was buried underground. pg and e says it chose not to shut it off to the entire neighborhood, because that would take hours for the pressure to go down. that worker who touched off the fire remains in the hospital tonight. his condition has reportedly been upgraded from critical to stable. the east contra costa fire district board voted this week to close half of the district stations, and lay off 15 of its 43 full time firefighters. the closures came after the defeat of measure s. a parcel tax. the measure needed approval from 66% of the voters. only 44% voted for it. fire stations in bethel island, nitsin and brentwood are due for closure. an east bay couple is pleading for the return of some precious family heirlooms
11:50 pm
stolen from hair oakland home. rob roth tells us, inside was a wedding gown the couple planned to pass down to their daughter. >> reporter: what was taken from that man and his wife, they say is irreplaceable. >> you this the men close everything here they take it. >> reporter: the couple says someone broke in through a window of hair home and took a suitcase packed with the wife's wedding gown, and jewelry hand made generations ago by their native tribe in laos. >> we've accumulated these things in my lifetime, but everything has been taken away from me. >> reporter: what was stolen is rooted in the culture of the people of southeast asia. incredibly detailed special clothes like these. >> they were embroidered by
11:51 pm
family members. it usually takes about a year to make a set. >> she has no traditional clothing to wear. she wouldn't be part of any festivities for our families or for herself for her wedding day. >> reporter: little else was stolen. laptops were left behind. police are investigating, but thefts of traditional clothing and jewelry are not that unusual. >> they sell them to museums or to pawn shops. it does happen. >> reporter: for now, the family just has photographs of what they lost, but they have a message for whoever took their most prized possessions. >> if you have no use for them, return them, because we treasure and value these items. >> reporter: now all they can really do is hope. rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. finally cooler out there today, but some areas were
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still preed warm, -- pretty warm. most temperatures are going to be about the same as these. no big changes. fog cleared from the coast tonight. the fog is making its way back in as i speak. coastal fog back in the forecast. late tonight early tomorrow morning. here we are about 7:00 a.m. you can see the fog right back at the coast. drizzle out at the olympic club for the u.s. open or for the warm ups this morning. low visibilities right along the great highway. the fog clears again tomorrow afternoon. temperatures look a lot like today. 90s mostly in the very far inland valleys. 80s and 70s and 60s for the rest of us. a day just like today. tracking a big warm up. temperatures near 100 degrees. i'll have the details on that, and see you back here
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outrage over the bloodshed in syria. the demonstration caught the attention of security officials at the u.s. state department. >> reporter: internationally and right here in san francisco, the war of words intensified today as did the war that caused it. bay area syrians with family still there contacted the russian consulate to protest the support of bashar assad. suddenly a security officer drove up and confronted them. >> we have every right to stay here, sir. what do you mean we have no rights? >> reporter: they went back to protesting as the officer got on his phone. as for the war they want to stop, the u.s. secretary of
11:56 pm
state today accused russia of sending attack helicopters and weapons to the syrian military. >> we have repeatedly urged the russian government to cut these military ties completely, and to suspend all further support and delivery. >> reporter: russia says it only applies air defense systems, and accuses the united states sending weapons to rebels. denied by united states offenses. in san francisco, one, then san francisco police officers arrived and deescalated the confrontation. >> when you step out on the street, then you're in danger of being hit by a car. >> reporter: the protesters say they aren't going away until syria's president is out of office and out of the country. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. the man known as victim
11:57 pm
number 10 testified today that jerry sandusky threatened him if he refused to reveal he sexually abused him. he said he told him, he would never see his family again if he talked. three of sandusky's accusers testified today, bringing the total to five out of the ten. the judge said the prosecution's case could be wrapped up by friday. former presidential candidate john edwards is off the hook. federal prosecutors have decided not to retry him on corruption charges. prosecutors said in the interest of justice, they would not pursue a case against him. he wards was charged with using campaign contributions to hide the fact that he had a mistress and that she was carrying his child. golden
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join the movement at and help citi help u.s. athletes make a difference. together, every step of the way. there's still a lot of excitement over there at at&t park after matt cain and the giants threw a perfect game tonight. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live in the city with more on tonight's history that was made tonight. >> reporter: it certainly was history ken. take a look across the street. people are still crowded outside of at&t park. to give you some perspective, they can be waiting for players to make their way out of here tonight after this historic game thrown by matt cain. i talked to fans who got to witness this piece of history. just consider this, the first
12:01 am
perfect game ever for the giants, pitched by matt cain tonight. i talked to a family who drove all the way out here from salt lake city just to see tonight's game. >> did you make this on the spot? or you already had this? >> we made this on the drive out here. we drove 700 miles to get to this game. >> i'm now a giants fan. this is now my favorite baseball team, go giants! >> reporter: as we come back out here live, i was talking to the photographer covering the giants when they won the world series. he was over across the street, kind of the same vibe. obviously, we're not comparing the two, but there's a lot of excitement here at at&t park. consider a little bit of history. they're going to look at everything about how this perfect game went down. the last batter for the astros. jason castro of castro valley high. we're going it continue to talk
12:02 am
to -- to continue to talk to people about this perfect game thrown tonight. we're live in san francisco. eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. a lot of instant giants fans tonight. matt cain is the first pitcher in giants history, san francisco and new york to pitch that perfect game. following tonight's game, he gave credit to his teammates. >> obviously the guys behind me. and able to get huge run support, able to go out there and pitch comfortably. i can't thank buster enough. i didn't even question once what he was calling. he was going to throw whatever he wanted, and i was going to let it go. >> cain also struck out 14 batters, a personal best. mark will have much more coming up in sports. it's one part of golden gate park that is notorious for crime. amber lee is live at the park to tell us about the police chief's new plan to combat
12:03 am
homeless problems there. >> reporter: julie, we're by the sanyon street entrance to the park. he shared with us how he plans to crackdown. >> police chief greg suhr told us he moved out of the dirt bike unit out of downtown and into this neighborhood. there will be more aggressive enforcement of the ordinance. >> the engagement will be significant. it will be noticeable, and as far as the enforcement and/or arresting, or ticketing, that will be as the levels come and go. >> reporter: one homeless woman told us, she has been harassed by other homeless people. >> it's a serious problem. >> out here? >> yeah. some of them get real pushy about it. >> what do you think the police
12:04 am
or city should do? >> crackdown on it. >> reporter: she says the homeless are intimidating. >> like a mini city there already. i just feel uncomfortable. >> reporter: merchants told us, some target tourists and locals. >> every time i go up and down the street, i'm offered drugs by homeless people. >> reporter: he says it's been bad for his family owned business. he commends police for trying, but says it's a losing battle. >> once we leave, it's like a magnet. it's back again. >> reporter: he says everyone has a right to enjoy the area without harassment. reporting live near golden gate park, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. federal agents raided six hayward properties today as part of a multistate narcotics
12:05 am
bust. agents with the task force pulled evidence out of two properties in hayward. one raid occurred on viking street at a business called california connections incorporated. boxes contained car rims filled with illegal drugs which were shipped to customers. agents served 25 warrants today as part of the bust, including others in kansas, and missouri. castro valley police are asking for the public's help in finding a parolee wanted in connection with a homicide. police say cody tripp was hosting a party in may, where 29-year-old jordan vigil was killed. authorities now believe tripp was present when vigil was killed and have a no bail warrant for his arrest. walnut creek police say they have arrested this man on attempted rape charges. investigators say he attacked a woman yesterday near the iron horse trail. police say he threw her to the
12:06 am
ground and covered her mouth with his hand. police say that's when she bit him and punched him several times in the face. police say an officer arrested him a short time later. he is now facing attempted rape charges. caught on camera, a man setting a fire in an alley near union square in san francisco. tonight, police are hoping someone will recognize the arsonist. eric rasmussen shows us the incriminating security video. >> reporter: that's jeff, throwing water on a fire he found burning inside some wooden furniture next to the taylor street apartments after a resident reported seeing smoke. what he didn't know at the time, the same surveillance cameras recorded this man in blue who set the fire. another camera shows him tearing off a piece of cardboard to use as kindling. >> that to me was a sign this is a firebug in the neighborhood. >> reporter: apparently
12:07 am
oblivious to the cameras recording his every move. >> managers say it's not just the surveillance system, but the quality of these images that gives them hope they can identify their suspect and bring him in. >> reporter: we were able to freeze the video, and zoom in to get a look at the man's face. police hope someone recognizes him. >> this is a very serious thing. we take this very serious. if he did it once, he might do it again. >> reporter: while it might be one of the most deliberate cases of arson caught on camera. the only thing this video doesn't tell us is why he did it. >> i have no reason to think that he is an enemy of anybody who lives here. i think it's just something that, it's a crime of opportunity. >> reporter: police say it's too soon to know if the man in the video might be connected to other crimes in the area. but they say anyone can call, or text in a tip anonymously. tomorrow night, a walnut creek restaurant is expected to ask the city for a later last
12:08 am
call. lift lounge was ordered to stop alcohol sales at 11:30 p.m. following a series of late night fights. a restaurant and bar can petition the planning commission to restore last call to 12:30. a decision is expected tomorrow. california's democrat leaders say the legislature will vote on a budget plan before friday's deadline. governor brown and lawmakers continue to negotiate today over how to close the state's $15.7 billion short fall. democratic leaders say they've come up with a plan that meets the governor's criteria for a structurally balanced budget, but makes smaller cuts to welfare programs. tomorrow is day 1 of the u.s. open in san francisco. today, spectators were able to catch free shuttle buses from candlestick park. passengers must past through security check points. there's a long list of
12:09 am
prohibited items, including cell phones. >> it's incredibly easy and very well organized. >> the u.s. open is expected to draw more than 33,000 spectators each day of the four day event. it's a new generation of the british invasion. the girls are going wild. a fan frenzy for a new boy band. the excitement they're creating tonight here in the bay area. tracking a big warm up, we're going to see increased fire danger. and temperatures near triple digits. see you back here. >> that massive wildfire in colorado continues
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a massive wildfire in northern colorado continues to rage, charring miles of dense wild land. the fire has burned 73 square miles, destroyed more than 100 structures and forced hundreds of people from their homes. fire officials say the blaze is only 10% contained. some areas were deemed too treacherous for firefighters to tackle. in iraq, car bombs exploded in several cities, killing at least 66 people, and wounding 200 others. there were 17 explosions, targeting shiite and kurdish neighborhoods. this was the deadliest day in iraq since january. the attacks raise concern about iraq's ability to provide security for its people. torrential rains have led to widespread afternooning. at least six people are confirmed dead and two others are missing. the flooding triggered land slides, cut power, and led to drinking water shortages.
12:13 am
damage to crops alone is estimated at $6 million. former gangster henry hill died today at the age of 69. his story was the basis for martin scorsese's film "goodfellas." he was a member of a crime family in new york starting at the age of 11. he became a government inform ability. -- informant. get ready, the british are coming. ♪ [ music ] the hugely popular boy band the hugely popular boy band that's taking over the bay area look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is!
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[ cheering ] on the ground. arias from deep third got him! >> that is how the game ended tonight. a ground out to third base. a great throw to first. the perfect game ensures matt cain's name will make the record books and he will be in cooperstown for this game. he had taken no hitters into the 5th inning several times in his career. the fans, as they say, went wild. more excitement in the south bay. the latest boy band from the u.k. is causing a fan frenzy in san jose. we caught up with these young fans as they were getting ready to see the band, one direction. they have a top selling band after being discovered on the x factor in england. they're performing tonight to a nearly sold out show at san
12:17 am
jose university. some fans are getting to meet the group. the fans say they hope to remain calm as they ask for a hug. the group is set to perform in oakland tomorrow. the hunt is on now to find more black holes and new galaxies. nasa launched an x-ray telescope in the air. the new star telescope is on a two year mission, using high energy x-rays to look through gas and tuft dust for -- dust for black holes. the winds are windy out there. gusting out there now. up at the richmond bridge, gusts to 20 miles per hour. that's out of the south. winds out of the southwest will continue in the next couple of days. that's a big deal at the olympic club, the u.s. open,
12:18 am
they send out one round in the morning and one tomorrow afternoon. the second round, they have a rougher go. the wind really plays into it at the olympic club. by tomorrow afternoon, those winds will be up again. tomorrow will be a nice day. tomorrow is almost a carbon copy of today. there will be some fog. as a matter of fact, some fog right now by pacifica and half moon bay. the fog will do what it did this morning, it will push into some inland bay valley. then goes away. daytime highs tomorrow are going to warm up nicely. they're going to warm up in the 70s and 80s. but i don't think we'll see any 90s. tomorrow, a lot like today with the high pressure set up. on the weekend, the high pressure really sets up. the fog is gone. without the fog this weekend, boy, talk about the golf, but at the olympic club, they're going to be going 75, 80 degrees out there. even warmer on sunday. a spectacular scene on the beaches. on father's day and on
12:19 am
saturday. temperatures near 100 degrees. the down side to the heat, we're looking at high fire danger. most likely, i'm actually pretty sure we'll see some kind of red flag, or fire warning as we head into this bay area weekend especially on saturday afternoon. the forecast highs tomorrow, you're looking at them. they're right where they were today. basically, the fog will be there, kind of showing up now. pacifica, you only get to 59 degrees. i did see a little green out there in the hillsides, but after this weekend, that's gone. maybe a little warmer. the breezes kick up in the afternoon. that will be the story again on friday. the five-day forecast with your weekend in view, nice warm weekend. temperatures almost to 100 degrees on saturday. >> so it is going be to a little bit of a cooker over the weekend. >> i think fire danger is going to be a story. there is word tonight yosemite national park is set to close 18 more cabins because of concern over falling rocks.
12:20 am
the park service closed 233 of the 600 cabins at curry village after a rock fall in 2008. also on the new closure list, six sites at camp 4 near el capitan and two employee dormitories. the closures will be announced tomorrow along with a report about the dangers of rock falls in yosemite. our colleague and long time reporter, lloyd lacuesta was the guest of honor tonight at a party in san jose. as you may have heard, lloyd has decided to hang up his ktvu microphone after 35 years and move onto a less hectic schedule. lloyd invited many of his friends, coworkers, and people he's covered in the south bay over the years. >> you are the newsmakers, and news sources that i've worked with over 35 years. so to paraphrase richard nixon, you no longer will have lloyd lacuesta to kick you around
12:21 am
anymore. >> lloyd was presented with many proclamations, awards, and plenty of gifts. he urged everyone to watch the news on friday night, which will be his last night on ktvu. he is truly one of a kind. we are really going to miss him. i'm excited i got to go. it was fun to see him. a lot of love for lloyd. >> absolutely, everybody loves lloyd. what were those helicopters and a pl
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
well, if you were near the bay today and heard aircraft overhead, that was a california
12:25 am
air national guard training mission. it involved five rescue helicopters and a refueling jet. the squadron is from the rescue wing based at moffett field. 22 perfect games in all of major league baseball history. three of them here in the bay area. >> that's right. catfish hunter, dallas braden on mother's day of 2010. tonight, matt cain in san francisco. you win a game, 10-0, it's not supposed to be nerve wracking, but with a perfect game, always a heart palpitater. 130 years total. completely dominated houston. not only a perfect game, but game-high 14 strike outs as well. the giants get 10 on the board. three two run homers. this from brandon belt into
12:26 am
barry bonds territory. dead center field. 7th inning, here's the closest thing to a hit from houston. jordan schafer. but blanco, a sensational catch in center field to take it away. beautiful play. touchdown says matt cain who goes to the 9th, with two outs. here is the final pitch. >> on the ground. arias from deep third got him! and that's a perfect game! >> absolutely, with his wife watching, and the giants go bonkers, and why not? 22nd in big league history. here's matt cain immediately afterwards. >> those two unbelievable catches. that changes the whole thing. and the guys able, you know get huge run support, able to go out there and pitch
12:27 am
comfortably. i can't thank buster enough. i didn't even question once what he was calling. he was going to throw whatever he wanted, and i was going to let him go. meantime, you might call it the colorado cure. the a's slicing the thin air up there in denver. the second consecutive comeback victory. todd helton's gland slam put them in a hole, but they battle back, they come through with this guy. brandon moss, his third homer in two games. down 8-7 in the 9th, they score three runs. the big hit, brandon inge down the left field line. two run double. the a's second consecutive comeback win up in colorado. they like it up there. that's the sporting life for a perfecto wednesday night. >> what an exciting night. happens so rarely too, so it's so special when it happens. >> good stuff. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news.
12:28 am
we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu's morning team will have more on matt cain's [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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